Censure Maxine Waters

Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) took the same oath that everyone takes who embarks on service to the country to support and defend the Constitution. In her recent outburst against any and all members of the President’s cabinet, she departed from the spirit of that oath.

Waters, whether knowingly or in ignorance, was following advice from revolutionary community organizer Saul Alinsky to never let a crisis go to waste. The crisis in this case was the taking into protective custody of innocent children from parents who subjected them to harm by illegally bringing them across our southern border. She decided that that program presented an opportunity for her to rail against anyone who works for the federal administration. She urged her leftist followers to confront cabinet members wherever they found them, in restaurants, theaters, gas stations, etc., to create a crowd and to tell those members that they are not welcome anywhere. This is to urge the creation of a volatile situation that could easily result in physical harm to participants.

The preamble to the Constitution is where the intent of that document is set forth, and prominent among its intentions is to insure domestic tranquility. Obviously Mrs. Waters’ intent was to do anything but that.

Of course, she is not alone. There is plenty of shouting and condemnation on all sides of the political spectrum none of which creates domestic tranquility. We, however, are not all members of the House of Representatives. From those leaders we should expect adherence to a high standard of civil discourse. In this instance, a House Resolution of Censure against Mrs. Waters is the least we should expect.

Dwight Boud

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