“Progressives” or “Coercives”?

A lot of Democrats like to call themselves Progressives. As in any such group, significant differences exist between individual members. Yet, as in any group, members share certain commonalities. Otherwise no “group.” So, at the risk of over generalizing, I offer these observations.

The label Progressive suggests that there is some destination toward which our nation is aimed and Progressives not only know what the destination is but are dedicated to the task of moving us toward that destination. The problem is that countries go on and on endlessly influenced by unforeseeable circumstances. President Obama’s policies, for example, while aimed at predetermined domestic political goals, are constantly beset by unwelcome and unforeseen foreign affairs challenges. These are obviously annoying to him and sometimes go unattended.

While “Progressives” claim prescience (their chosen name tells us so) the rest of us, apparently, are benighted. We muddle along pursuing our individual goals unaware of the destiny toward which our country must “inevitably” be moved. This limitation is thought to be true of educated and informed Non-Progressives, not to mention the numerous “uninformed voters” that we see in man-on-the-street TV interviews.

Regardless of the advanced educations of numerous Non-Progressives, they are generally portrayed as lightweights who don’t possess the wisdom to see the way forward that “Progressives” see. In fact, Non-Progressives have the audacity to resist and to fight against the enlightened programs put forth by “Progressive” leaders. But that, we are to believe, is only because of their ignorance of what is truly in their own best interests. This resistance, of course, must be overcome because it impedes national progress. To many “Progressives” the end justifies the means. That makes it ok, in fact laudable, to lie and mislead to achieve “progress.” (Saul Alinsky must be proud.)

When resistance is strong and a means can be found to force “progress” on the ignorant masses, it is used. President Obama’s idiosyncratic use of Executive Orders to foster major governmental changes are examples. Generally, central government control by “Progressives” is seen as a good thing by them because it allows the smart people of the world to determine what is best for the not so bright citizenry and put it into effect. Unfortunately, because it gets messy and slows things down (Obama won’t wait for Congress), such resistance must often be overcome by force. Little is achieved by “Progressives” that does not involve force, fraud, or bribery. Consider, for example the manner in which the so-called “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” was shoved down the nation’s throat. “Progressives” now direct the bulk of Federal Government agencies: the Bureau of Land Management, EPA, Health and Human Services to name just three in which similar high handed methods are evident. For that reason, and for the sake of accuracy, the so-called progressives of the world deserve to be called “Coercives,” a name that should be used wherever it fits.

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