Gun Control, so-called

Vice-President Joe Biden is currently holding meetings with interested parties in the “Gun Control” controversy. The goal, ostensibly, is to come up with a reasonable approach to preventing mass shootings like the one recently perpetrated in a Connecticut elementary school. It seems to me that most of the participants will be chewing over points that have already been discussed hundreds of times.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of “gun control” laws, we are told, that are already on the books and that go unenforced. Since the Constitution requires that the President “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,” it seems obvious to me that a great deal of time and effort could be saved if Mr. Obama merely got busy pushing for those laws to be enforced. Any new laws the VP’s group recommends will, in all likelihood, already be in place. No doubt these existing laws are controversial, but probably no more or less so than any new laws that might be devised. In addition, if the laws are already enacted, they have the additional weight of having been passed by some governing body or other.

I personally support the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. I’m sure that I would disagree with many of those unenforced laws. Perhaps some would have to be reconsidered, but reinventing the wheel as team Obama is doing is just more political theater. This group’s recommendations will probably have as much influence on Obama’s actions as Bowles-Simpson had on his economic decisions.

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