Who Helped Obama Succeed?

Winning the Presidency of the United States is, by any standard, a sign of success. The President, furthermore, is often described as the leader of the free world. That’s even more impressive. But such success doesn’t come easily. In his recent lecture in Virginia Mr. Obama informed Americans that “if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.” This begs the question that if Obama has been so fantastically successful, who was it who helped him get there?

It is not enough for Obama simply to have asserted this claim. He owes the public a “fleshing out” of his key concept. As a case in point, he should list some of the people who helped him rise from a relatively humble beginning as the son of a single mother to his exalted position. Who were they, and how did they help? For example, who helped him get into Harvard and Columbia Universities? Who eased his way into politics? Who wrote his speeches?

While waiting for the President’s elaboration on his comments, you could get a jump by searching for some of the following likely names: Valerie Jarrett, William (Bill) Ayers, Bill’s affluent parents Mary and Thomas, David Axelrod, Saul Alinsky, Cass Sunstein, Stanley Dunham (Obama’s grandfather), and Frank Marshall Davis.

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