Supreme Court Lobbying

What’s all this lobbying the Supreme Court about? The Supreme Court is non- political. At least it’s meant to be. Simply put, Justices are to hear the evidence in a case, and, acting as jury and judge, render a decision about the Constitutionality of a law. Since we don’t live in a democracy, the will of the majority could well be irrelevant. Likewise, lobbying by political factions should be irrelevant.

There’s a reason why juries sometimes are sequestered. Generally they are instructed not to read newspapers, watch TV, or listen to the radio. They are not to be influenced by the opinions expressed in the outside world regarding their case. One can only hope that Supreme Court Justices have the discipline not to allow themselves to be influenced by political considerations.

In considering the “Affordable Care Act” currently before the Court, it’s hard to imagine that Justice Elena Kagan would be immune to political influence since, before she was on the Court, she advocated for the Bill.

I know it’s probably naive to expect a completely apolitical Supreme Court, but it’s an ideal worth maintaining. Obvious deviations from that ideal should be avoided, and from where I stand, Elena Kagan should have recused herself and lobbying the Court should be prohibited.

Dwight Boud

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