Green Energy Theory

The problem with the push toward “green energy” is that it’s based on a theory. It’s well established by the historic record that, over time, climates change. These changes have been happening for eons. Those who want to blame perceived climate change on human activity, however, have been caught manipulating data to make it appear that emission of CO2 into the air is causing unusual warming of the earth. Recently a Nobel Prize winning Physicist has resigned from the American Physical Society because he disagrees. He is not alone. Claims of scientific “consensus” not withstanding, it is not “settled science” that humans are causing global warming. 

Why, then, are our government and the EPA making sweeping policies and regulations ostensibly to prevent the climate from changing? Changing our light bulbs, pushing people to drive electric cars, covering the ground with solar panels, etc. based only on a theory is ludicrous.

This theory is being manipulated to scare the populace into compliance with an autocratic approach to governance. Supposedly, self-appointed visionaries like Al Gore will lead us all to safety. Even if we dutifully follow them, volcanic eruptions could undo all our efforts in a few days. What are we to do to prevent that? We would be far wiser to put our efforts toward studying ways to adapt to change, as generations of our forebears have done. 

Conserving energy and exploring additional sources of energy are worthy activities, but they will proceed without our tying ourselves in knots and submitting to a government that is bent on forcing us to live our lives as it dictates.       

Dwight Boud

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  1. Posted by Mary M Boud on November 6, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Well said, brother. I hope someday your offspring and their offspring will realize how wise you are. Mickey

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