A word about Mitt

Having not yet selected from among the candidates for the Republican nomination, I still want to share an observation about Mitt Romney from the first candidates’ debate. The question, as I remember it, was “What’s the first thing you would do as President?”

A variety of answers ensued. Most of the candidates laudably focused upon repealing “Obama Care.” Most Republicans, Tea Partiers or not, share that goal. But repealing the entire complex law that is now unfortunately too far down the road toward implementation will take time. Mitt’s answer to the question was different from the others and revealed an important attribute that he brings to this campaign.

What he said he would do first as President was to instruct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to issue waivers from the law to every state in the nation. There it was — simple, direct, well within the powers of a President. Such a move would freeze the negative impact of the law in its tracks. The measures necessary to repeal the law completely could then proceed in an orderly fashion.

That approach was evidence of the executive experience Mitt Romney brings to this process. It stood out uniquely from the other candidates’ answers. Issue waivers. Such waivers have already been issued to pay off some of Obama’s supporters, so the precedent has been established. Romney’s seizing on that approach shows the kind of executive mindset that an effective President might need to get us out of our economic slough.

Note: The fact that Team Obama has seen fit to issue waivers to some of Obama’s political allies is, of course, further evidence of the law’s negative impact. Why, otherwise, would someone say “I’m going to give everyone low- cost health care except for some of my friends”?

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