From the People Who Brought You Obama

I may be late to this “party,” but better late than never. Below is a screen shot of an article I received in my email. As a conservative, I took it at face value and began to read. It was soon evident that it was a blatantly anti-Gingrich screed. From the Tea-Party? Not likely. Undoubtedly there are Tea Partiers who don’t support Gingrich, but generally the Tea Party doesn’t take positions on competing conservative candidates. I clicked the first link in the article and was taken to Politico. The second link took me to TPM (Talking Points Memo) a leftist website.
So, the cat was out of the bag. This was a form of “spoofing,”i.e.posing as someone you’re not, often by using someone else’s logo which can be fairly easily copied from a legitimate website. After a little searching I found internet references to other such articles posing as anti-Palin articles, etc. ostensibly from a legitimate Tea Party group.
What could be the motive for making it look as though the “Tea Party” was against several different Republican candidates? It appears to me that someone on the left is trying to create the impression that there are warring factions within the Tea Party movement. Don’t fall for it.
We’ve been told that this is going to be a dirty Presidential election cycle. Guess so,

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