Weiner’s Apologies

Anthony Weiner has been making apologies to his family, colleagues, constituents, and most notably, to Bill Clinton, for his sexual Tweets. I have yet to hear, however, of his apologizing to the people who most deserve an apology, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people.

All around the world we have radical Islamist teachers wracking their brains to find the perfect example to make this point to their students: namely, that Jews are the dregs of humanity, that they are evil, immoral, and deserve to be driven from the face of the earth. As a former teacher I know how challenging lesson planning can be.

Then along comes Weiner and drops the perfect lesson plan in their laps. First, he is a member of the hated group, then he engages in behavior that many consider immoral, next he lies about it to one and all, and finally, he hangs onto his office like grim death.

Some people have come to Weiner’s aid to the extent that they don’t like to see any human being trashed. But comedians and political pundits have been having a field day with the story. Jon Stewart asked why Weiner apologized to Clinton– “for what? Copyright infringement?” A slam at Clinton as much as Weiner, but part of the general media free-for-all that inevitably accompanies such scandals.

Weiner is an unwitting exemplar of the Islamists’ hated enemy. If you think Jon Stewart and Nancy Pelosi are being too hard on him, imagine what those Islamist teachers are saying about him in your local madrassa.

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  1. Posted by Mickey on June 10, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Indeed. Admittedly, I had not thought about how the Islamists wold treat this scandal. Think you’re right. I imagine the French think we’re being too hard on poor Rep. Weiner.

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