Random Thoughts of an Arranged Mind 5/25/11

• Looks as though we’re going to run out of doctors before we run out of money.

• Did you hear President Obama’s speech in England? He actually said that all beings are endowed by their creator with certain rights. Seems he’s more afraid of offending the English than he is of offending Americans, and it’s not even their constitution! Then, again, he’s not trying to fundamentally transform England. Yet.

• Republican’s are not so much unhappy with their field of candidates as they are faced with an embarrassment of riches (with more to come).

• Meanwhile, Democrats are having a hard time deciding which one to demonize.

• I was watching a History Channel show on how the world was made. Seems there was global warming thousands of years ago. Did you know they had SUV’s thousands of years ago?

• Paul Ryan’s budget plan does not end medicare, as Nancy Pelosi just said. It doesn’t apply to anyone age 55 or older. Its aim is to save medicare. Oh, and by the way, Ryan doesn’t want to” throw grandma over a cliff.”

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