Biggest Nightmare

In my worst nightmare, it’s the morning after the 2012 Presidential election. I turn on the tube and hear an anchorman’s voice say, “Mr. Obama’s victory last night came as a surprise to most of the nation…”

What lies behind this upsetting dream is the fear that President Obama has already arranged to buy the election. The first step in his plan is to manipulate the nation’s financial situation to “justify” the appropriation of billions of dollars as “stimulus” money. That money is distributed mostly to his reliable political allies in such a way that it’s difficult to keep track of exactly how much is meted out and who the recipients are. Then, in my dream, the various recipients deposit the money in many different accounts and/or distribute it “for safe keeping” to other trusted accomplices.

The bulk of the money sits undisturbed in secure locations awaiting the time when numerous individuals and organizations are instructed to “donate” the maximum allowable to the Obama campaign. Some of the money appears to come from individual donors, some from unions, some even comes from citizens of foreign countries, if you can imagine such a thing! In the end, Obama outspends his nearest competitor about five to one. Then, of course, I wake up and realize that the whole thing is just a dream.

On the other hand, since the “stimulus” has done very little to strengthen our economy, we should demand a full accounting of the “stimulus money,” a refund to the treasury of funds that have not been paid out, and even repayment of funds that were received but not spent on those “shovel-ready” jobs. If we don’t get a complete public accounting, my nightmare might turn into a chilling reality.

Addendum: Or is he going to use the 105 billion that his minions hid in the, until now, largely unread health care bill?

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