Preserve Gov’t Structure

People who value theater generally agree that “Hamlet”, “A Doll’s House”, “Uncle Vanya”, etc. are great plays. Despite various temporary changes in such plays from time to time, their basic structure is retained. What is changed with every new production, though, is the cast. We all know that it’s possible to ruin a great play by casting inept actors to play the lead parts. That’s where our government stands today.

The founders created a governmental structure that is unique in the world. The fact that thousands over the years have left their familiar homes to come here at great cost and great risk testifies to that fact. When its structure was set in the constitution it was meant to last. All our governmental officers including members of the military take some form of the oath “… to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution….” So that is our great play.

Unfortunately, we have elected a “cast” that includes players who wish to rewrite the play in which they are performing. It’s a bit like tying your shoes while walking. Playing Hamlet as a decisive man of action might be possible, but the result wouldn’t be “Hamlet.” Likewise numerous attempts to “fundamentally reform the United States of America” might be possible, but the result would not be the United States as established by the geniuses who founded it.

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