McConnell’s Political Goal

Liberal commentators have found it convenient to omit a key word from a statement by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The now famously misquoted comment is that McConnell’s number one legislative goal over the next two years is to deny Barack Obama a second term. That rendition leaves out or substitutes a key word. What McConnell actually said was that it was his number one POLITICAL goal to limit Obama to one term as President. Big difference!

That goal, of course, is the number one political objective of huge numbers of Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, enlightened independents, some Democrats, and anyone else interested in thwarting the “fundamental transformation” of this country and in getting its economy back on a sound footing. How awful must Obama think the US is to warrant “fundamental transformation?” At least McConnell has announced his number one political goal. When, if ever, will our presidential man of mystery ever be as forthright?

(In researching for this entry, I stumbled across a YouTube video in which a home commentator reminded Mitch McConnell that Barack Obama, as President, was McConnell’s boss. I don’t know what part of “three separate, but equal, branches of government” this guy doesn’t understand, but it’s scary that he and, I fear, many others actually believe that the President is boss over United States Senators!)

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