Tax Cuts? Not Really

Off and on we hear apologists for the Obama regime claiming that Obama gave the middle class a tax cut. I think our family got $250, but it wasn’t a tax cut. It was a lump sum rebate of some sort. A tax cut involves reducing rates over an extended period of time so that tax payers (including small business owners), knowing what taxes they can expect to pay, can plan for the future (workers salaries, insurance costs, inventory, expansion, etc.)

Our $250 was spent long before we received it. Who knows on what. It might have gone for medical copays, or gasoline, or groceries, or perhaps for local or state taxes. Whatever it went for, it didn’t have any lasting impact.

Giving people a miniscule tax rebate like that and claiming credit for being a tax cutter is absurd. It is like throwing a drowning person an inflatable life preserver with a leak in it. The tube might briefly keep him afloat, but eventually it will run out of air and leave the swimmer sinking again.

The Obama administration opposes actual tax cuts because, they claim, cuts would take money away from the Federal Government that it desperately needs for … (insert any new big-government program of your choice.) Obama is sitting on a huge amount of unspent “stimulus money.” It seems to me that the government has plenty of money and would have more if it hadn’t astronomically increased the federal debt and deficit.

Keep in mind, too, that it’s ALL OUR MONEY! Don’t fall for the line that the Obama team ever gave anyone an actual tax cut. They didn’t/wouldn’t/won’t.

Dwight Boud

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