Central Planning

Presently, more and more power is being sucked into the offices of the Federal Government and more and more of those offices are being created. (40 Czars!) This is all the result of the “Progressive” political theory that favors central planning. Somehow, beyond reason, our present “leaders” subscribe to the failed notion that the government can make wiser decisions about how we should spend our money and live our lives than we ourselves can.

Central planning has been tried before on a broad scale by Communists and other totalitarians. Nowhere has it proven to be beneficial to the majority of the citizens of those countries.
Lord Acton’s statement that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…” has stood the test of time.

It’s important that we keep in focus the basic truths about central planning: Decisions that control behavior are made by unaccountable bureaucrats for people they never met, in places they’ve never been, under circumstances they’ve never experienced, applicable at any and all times. Such decisions, if made at all, should be made by elected legislators who can be voted out of office if need be.

Dwight Boud

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