I’d Be Angry, Too.

I’d be angry, too. If I had set out to completely transform a vast country, and thought that I might have only four years in which to do it, I’d resent what has been happening. An administrator, which is what the President is supposed to be, no matter how full his agenda, and how ambitious his plans, can’t predict what might happen to interfere with those plans. To transform the USA, a president would first have to gain control over much of its economy and other institutions. The country would have to be brought to its knees and humbled to the extent that it would look at an authoritarian regime as its only viable savior.

Well, so far, so good. In his first year in office, President Obama has accomplished a number of key items on his to-do list. But it’s getting harder to make “progress.” Things like the ongoing gulf oil spill distract the President from his plans. Even the most far left ideologue eventually looks to the White House for constructive leadership in the face of a “natural disaster.” But what a drag! No wonder our irate chief executive was shouting “just fill the hole!” He wants it to just go away so that he can resume the more important work of destroying the country.

And how about that pesky Tennessee flooding? Another irksome distraction that is not on the transformation list. Add to that the Arizona Anti-illegal immigration law that shed such a bright light on the failure of the federal government to protect our borders. And then there’s Joe Sestak and his big mouth. How can an administration so anxious to remake the country be expected to devote time to such mundane matters? Besides, it’s not nearly as much fun as community organizing.

It’ll get even more difficult to proceed with the grand scheme if tea-party candidates start taking away House seats in November. What a revolting development that is, but then “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.” And now meteorologists are saying we may have a slew of hurricanes this year. It’s just not fair!

Dwight Boud © 2010

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