Obama – Two Little Words Omitted

Dwight Boud 7/27/09
The arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates for disorderly conduct and President Obama’s response to it have been hashed and rehashed (had to be “hashed” first, right?) so many times that I’m sure you’re tired of it. But there’s one thing I haven’t heard from the TV and radio talking heads. When Obama said he didn’t know the facts and that he wasn’t there, of course it would have been nice if he had stopped there and offered a “no comment” response. But he didn’t. He went on to say, among other things, that he didn’t “know what role race played in it.” By saying that, he implied that race did play a role in it and left the door open for the ensuing racial brouhaha most of which was ginned up by people with political agendas. At that point in Obama’s answer, I was listening for just two little words that would have made the answer much more presidential. The two little words are “if any.” I would expect a President who “hadn’t been there” and “didn’t know the facts” to say “I don’t know what role race played, if any.” Maybe as a former political agitator, he is conditioned to assume that there’s always a racial motive involved in these things. As our first “post racial President”, he should know better.

At least that’s how it looks from here.

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  1. Posted by Virginia Waln on July 29, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    My personal thought was that he had no business commenting on it at all….. He made himself look foolish and he doesn’t need any help in damaging his “image”.

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