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Fixing the Medical Insurance System
Dwight – July 19, 2009

Of course, I’m no expert. No matter – most of the people spouting off about “Health Care” reform are less than experts. But we all have opinions, so here is mine.

I recently attended a forum on this topic set up by my congressman. It was quite informative, and I was reasonably impressed with him. He’s a Democrat. I didn’t vote for him; probably wouldn’t again. He replaced an outstanding, long-term Republican who had to resign for health reasons (No, really.) One thing he said at that forum was that he does not favor a single-payer government-run health insurance plan. That was a relief. One less letter I would have to write to him.

Most people who favor the inclusion of a government health insurance plan push for it on the basis that competition in the health insurance market would bring down prices. This argument sounds good, but misses an important point: the kind of competition that is need is not competition between a government plan that does not have to make a profit to survive economically and to carry out its core mission, and private sector Insurance companies that do. What is needed is more competition between those companies. A government plan, once established, would in time push out the private plans, and with that, eventually establish a government monopoly.

To get the kind of competition we need requires at least three factors: 1. Companies should be allowed to sell Insurance across state lines; 2. People who buy insurance should be allowed to “take their plan with them” wherever they choose to live or work and to change plans if they find something better; 3. Any provision that allows an insurance company a “monopoly” of the business within a certain area should be removed.

There are many other factors involved that bear on quality of care, access to care, malpractice insurance, frivolous law suits, etc. But I think the first step should be to get real competition up and running; then, stand back and let the fight for market share begin.

Finally, as one of those people who is happy with the Health Insurance Coverage he has, I would like to keep it, but I realize that under the preliminary plans being bandied about in Washington, my plan would start being watered down and eventually reach a point where I wouldn’t be nearly as comprehensive as it is now.

At least that’s the way I see it.

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