Obama’s Stalling

Obama’s Stalling
Dwight – July 13, 2009

When President Obama’s administration took office, the country’s economy was challenged by serious financial problems. Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, advised him not to waste a good crisis. Hence we were told that unless the government took immediate action, the country faced a catastrophe that would rival the great depression of the 1930’s. With little time for deliberation, various federal rescue plans were devised and rushed through Congress with breathtaking speed. Many among the public were left with a case of legislative “whiplash.” But, we were told, time was of the essence.
Huge amounts of money were appropriated to put people to work across the land on “shovel-ready” projects, etc. Now, after about six months and with unemployment rising, and mortgage foreclosures continuing amid general economic stagnation, people are asking why we aren’t getting more bang for our (trillions of) bucks? And what are we told? Well, only a small portion of the money has actually been disbursed; it was always meant to be a “two-year program.”
If that’s the case, what was all the rush for? Surely a two-year program deserved more deliberation by Congress than was given.
I think I know the answer: Obama and his backers wanted to amass a huge “slush fund” to be used to reward their supporters and to fund statist projects like “cap and trade.” If the economy recovered too fast, there wouldn’t be time to get the left-wing agenda established. That’s why the President took several days to sign bills that were rushed through to fend off total economic collapse. And that’s why he’s been stalling all along.
Some commentators are saying now that his economic recovery plans haven’t been working. I think that from Obama and Emanuel’s standpoint, they’ve been working like a charm.

–Anyway that’s the way it looks to me.–

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  1. Posted by Chuck on July 20, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    It looks that way to anybody with common sense. The recent polls show there are more and more people getting that common sense everyday.

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